Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where's Kelly?

Where’s Kelly?

Norah Johnson pulled into the parking lot behind the movie theater at Mashpee Commons. She slowly got out of her gold Saturn Ion because her body hurt all over. She may have looked like she was in her 30’s but she defiantly felt 40. Plus it was getting to be that time of the month, so that wouldn’t help her at all. A light winter rain was falling as Norah made her way past Siena restaurant where she had been trying to have her husband take her for the last month and a half. Arriving at the movie theater she went inside expecting her daughter Kelly to be waiting for her in the lobby. Only Kelly was not in the lobby, the only person in the lobby that Norah saw was a young male floor staff member of the theater sweeping up the lobby. Norah checked the time on her blackberry and saw that it was 7:05. Kelly said the movie got out at 7 didn’t she? Norah though to herself. Norah approached the ticket booth where a guy and a girl in their early 20’s were chatting.
“Excuse me?” Norah asked.
“Yes ma’am?” Said the young lady.
“What time does Yes Man get out?”
“It should be getting out any moment ma’am” Informed the young lady to Norah.
“Thank you.” Norah said making her way towards the hallway where the different theaters were. Norah checked her blackberry again which read 7:08. Any minute now Norah thought trying not to get nervous. A few minutes later after the crowd from “Yes Man” had come out and Kelly was not among them Norah began to get nervous. Well Norah thought maybe she’s in the bathroom, and I hope it’s her time of the month as well as mine. Norah made her way down a hallway to the right of the theaters to the ladies room. Norah noticed the oddly the door to the ladies room was propped up as she made her way in and called out.
“Kelly it’s mom are you in here?” No answer because in her growing nervousness Norah had not noticed that the stalls were empty. Norah did not wait for the silence to finish answering because she quickly made her way out of the ladies room and back to the lobby. Norah made her way into the hallway of theaters to theater #3 where “Yes Man” had been showing. She walked in and looked around the now empty theater only that was a lie on my part because Norah found Kelly’s jacket in one of the rows of seats. Now Norah really began to worry as she franticly called Kelly on her blackberry. She got only the voicemail and left a nervous message asking Kelly “Where are you young lady!?!?” and to “Call me or meet me where you were suppose to!!!!” Picking up her daughter’s jacket Norah made her way back out to the lobby and to the ticket booth.
“Can I help you ma’am?” Asked the same young lady from earlier.
“Yes I’m trying to find my daughter.” Norah asked franticly.
“What does she look like?” Asked the same young man that had been chatting with the young lady. In her nervousness Norah had not even noticed him standing off to the side, but no one ever seemed to noticed him is what he thought at times.
“She’s tall, slender, with brown hair in kind of a butch hair cut and glasses.” Norah said quickly but at the same time noticing a certain kind of shyness in this tall young man with brown hair and thick black rim glasses.
“No Ma’am I’m sorry I haven’t seen her, have you Heather?”
“No I haven’t either.” Heather said with a look of concern on her face.
“I found her jacket in the theater, would you mind if I checked the other theaters for her? I tried calling her but her phone is off.” Norah asked the nervousness really showing in her voice.
“Sure I can have one of the staff escort you with a flashlight. Hey Jack can you go with this nice lady, she’s trying to find her daughter.” Heather called to a young brown haired teenager in the concession area of the lobby.
“Sure.” Said Jack picking up a flashlight from behind the concession counter and making his way out to the lobby to help the lady check for her daughter.
“Well that’s kind odd don’t you think Justin?” Heather asked after the lady and Jack had gone down the hallway.
“Yeah very strange indeed.” Justin said.
About ten minutes later Jack and Norah after having no luck in the other theaters came back out to the lobby.
“I just can’t believe this, this is not like her at all!” Norah said almost yelling now. It was clear to Heather and Justin that this lady was very upset, but being the manager Heather was the one to handle it as she made her way from the ticket booth she said the following.
“Ma’am if you like I could call security to look for your daughter?” Only it would not be necessary because the door to the theater opened and Justin looked up and saw a girl with glasses and brown hair in a butch hair cut.
It was Kelly.
“Kelly!” Norah yelled making her way over to her daughter angry but at the same time somewhat relieved.
“Hi mom…” Was all Kelly could get out.
“Don’t hi me young lady you never leave the theater! Now where were you?” Norah said in a stern angry voice as Justin thought oh boy this lady is going to cause a scene. But Norah handed Kelly her jacket and took her by the arm leading her out of the theater.

Kelly would make up a story claiming that she was outside of the theater because she was on the phone and didn’t want to disturb the other people in the theater. The truth though is that Kelly is a lesbian and was meeting her girlfriend Filly on a secret rendezvous because Kelly has learned the truth that Norah and her husband Joe are homophobes. They believed that Prop 8 was a good thing to vote for and they would be ashamed if their child was gay.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

100+ Word Reviews: Tetley's English Ale

Tetley’s English Ale

These days I’ve very much slowed down with my drinking, but being the adventurous type I’m still trying new beers. Tonight I stopped by the local package store and after pondering on what to buy I decided on “Tetley’s English Ale”. It was a wise choice because it’s a great ale. Hands down Guinness is currently my all time favorite beer and if you’ve had Guinness you know how bitter it is and that in my opinion is one of the key things on if a person ends up liking Guinness or not. With Tetley’s you get only the slight bit of bitterness and a very smooth tasting ale that goes down very easy and doesn’t have that heaviness that Guinness has. To quote Tony Soprano when he was talking to his son A.J. about drinking champagne “You’ve got to savor it…” Well the same can be said about Tetley’s English Ale.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

100+ Word Reviews: Charles Bukowski at Bellevue

Charles Bukowski at Bellevue

What was once lost was found and true Bukowski fans can be thankful. Shot in 1970 we see a middle aged Bukowski at the beginning of what would be a great career. The poems read here are classic Bukowski and most of them I had not read myself. The quality of the film is very much raw but that’s a good thing for this had been only Bukowski’s fourth reading and as he says during this reading he’s still very much raw at the whole poetry reading business. It’s a truly remarkable thing to see where the great poets began and this one is a great treasure. As I sat in my room on this snowy December morning I was taken in by the voice of Bukowksi. I laughed at all the right places and if it had been 1970 and I had been there that evening I would have left that poetry reading feeling that I had discovered a great poet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Girl Talk's Feed The Animals

Girl Talk’s Feed The Animals


Mashup has a few of definitions:

(1) To be stoned or drunk
(2) To look raggedy or beaten-up in appearance
(3) A mix of different music tracks to produce a new track

Love him or hate him DJ Girl Talk defiantly knows how to mashup songs. The first time I heard Girl Talk was at a party with friends. I was buzzed pretty good (music always seems 100x more epic drunk) and Girl Talk’s “Night Ripper” came on and I swear that I had never heard anything like it before. I had heard remixes but Girl Talk was the first time I had heard a mashup. Once I heard Notorious B.I.G. mashed up with Elton John I can honestly say that my mind was blown. With “Night Ripper” I enjoyed the first fifteen minutes or so and then the rest of it just sounded like the typical mashups you hear in clubs (Then again I could be wrong cause I don’t go to clubs).
With “Feed The Animals” Girl Talk has crafted a truly mashed up album of genius. You listen to the album as it goes all over the spectrum of pop music and hip-hop old school and new school songs alike. I would say what tracks I like the most but it’s my opinion that you have to listen to “Feed The Animals” as a whole album whether you’re just sitting in your room chilling or getting crunk at a party with friends. The appeal of Girl Talk is that if you listen to a wide range of music then you can probably appreciate the genius ways that Girl Talk mashes up one song with several other songs. I mean seriously Flo Rida mashed up with The Velvet Underground or Jay-Z mashed up with Radiohead? Genius simply genius.

Girltalk- Feed The Animals

300+ Word Reviews: Wall-E


Finally got around to seeing “Wall-E.” Going into it I kind of ignorantly expected a Disney/Pixar take on the “Short Circuit” movies. Well I was greatly mistaken and what I got out of “Wall-E” was another great and refreshing animated film from Disney/Pixar. They defiantly have come a long way since the first Toy Story movie. To make this review short simple and to the point all I have to say is if you want to see a Charlie Chaplin like movie with a robotic sci-fi twist then see “Wall-E.” Also due to the amazing out of this century (I say that because the movie takes place about 700 years in the future but still on Earth) computer animation. This is another film that I’m defiantly looking forward to watching on HD-TV someday.
As for the talk of “Wall-E” winning best picture at the Academy Awards, here’s my opinion on it. “Wall-E” is a great movie with a great story and I felt very much invested in it till the very end. That alone in my opinion is a good enough reason to at the very least nominate it for best picture. In all honesty it’s been a pretty slim year for me on great movies released this year. So if “Wall-E” won best picture I would have no problem with that. History however has taught us that animated films don’t win best picture they win best “animated” picture and no matter what ultimately happens with “Wall-E” it would defiantly win best “animated” picture hands down. But I think that much like Chaplin’s little tramp a character that really pulls at your heart strings I feel that “Wall-E” could very well pull at the heart strings of the academy and we could see history made at the Academy Awards this year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

History of Art Paper

I could have easily chosen one of the many works by Jackson Pollock my favorite painter but I decided that I would choose a painting that we covered in class this semester. The painting I chose was Piet Mondrian’s “Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow“. For me personally it’s a very interesting choice because as I stated I’m a big fan of Pollock’s work and if you were to compare any of his many drip paintings to “Composition II” the difference in them is vast. There’s just something about “Composition II” that speaks to me and that I find interesting. I’ve been pondering just what about the painting that draws me in when it’s to me at least such a simple looking painting. Although in it’s simplicity there’s a certain kind of complexity and I think the reason I see that may have to do with the fact that nothing like this had been done when Mondrain painted it in 1930. The fact that he painted what looks like such a simple idea for a painting is amazing to me. Having painted a little myself I can say that this is the kind of painting when I look at it I stop and say to myself “Now there’s a painting I wish I had thought of.”
While I was thinking of paintings to do my paper on I had thought about doing a paper on Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” and how I myself don’t find that painting all that interesting. Well I’d like to say that I find Mondrian’s “Composition II” more visually stimulating to look at then Picasso’s “Guernica.” In “Guernica” I don’t see the so called anti-war painting that many art historians claim it to be I just see a poor man’s Ralph Steadman or a blob like cartoon like mass of figures. To me a great anti-war painting is Goya’s the “Third of May.” But With “Composition II” yes the painting is very simple and flat but there’s just something about the way it’s composed and the use of red blue and yellow that to me speaks volumes more then “Guernica” and makes it a painting that I consider to be a timeless painting.
As I stated I consider “Composition II” to be a painting that’s timeless and the evidence I give to support this claim is of course the Nike shoes done up in the style of Mondrain’s Composition paintings. When I saw those shoes that made up a big part of why I chose this painting, the fact that Nike one if not the biggest shoe companies in the world thought enough to make a shoe out of a Mondrain painting really speaks volumes about it. Yes I am going to someday get a pair of those shoes because they look so visually appealing just like the painting itself.
In closing all I have left to say is that I really like this painting. I mean it was the only painting that really had an affect on me that wasn’t a Jackson Pollock or another favorite artist of mine Andy Warhol. I guess in “Composition II” I see a part of myself that even though my mind is the abstract drips of a Jackson Pollock on the outside I’m just a simple looking kind of person like Piet Mondrian’s “Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow.”

300+ Word Reviews: Twilight


Well I went through with it and went to see if "Twilight" lived up to all this hype it’s been getting from tweens and adults a like. Did it? Hell no! I’ve never been one to get into the so called fads that come along in our country such as Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. But I am working at a movie theater and now I can see movies for free so I had some time to kill yesterday and decided to check out "Twilight". I went into it with the intention to try and take the film seriously. That lasted for about the first oh twenty minutes or so. Once the Cullens were introduced to the film the jokes began. Everytime Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattison) was on screen and said some horrible line of dialogue I kept saying out loud “I’M A VAMPIRE.” Kirsten Steward even in her cute but somewhat quirky look wasn’t any better. For the first hour or so while she was slowly (painfully slowly at times) figuring out just what Edward really was I kept saying “HE’S A VAMPIRE!” and when the big moment of realization came and she say to Edward “You’re a Vampire!” I was like “NO SHIT SHERLOCK!” but my best joke came when Bella Kirsten Steward’s one dimensional excuse of a mother asks if she’s being safe I yelled at “LADY SHE’S DATING A FUCKING VAMPIRE” that mad the 5 or 6 other people in the theater laugh. See the problem with this movie for me was it just couldn’t be taken seriously. I’m not saying it’s the worst movie ever made that honor currently goes to “The Hottie and The Nottie” It’s just a poor excuse of a so called Vampire movie geared solely for Tweens and girls that find pale faced guys like Edward dreamy. I mean seriously the fact that they don’t drink the blood of humans is as absurd as people who eat fucking veggie burgers. This is why I don’t buy into fads. And this is why you should avoid Twilight like vampires avoid the sunlight. It's done to the Vampire movie what Broke Back Mountain did to the Cowboy movie. Oh and another thing what the fuck does the title Twlight even mean? I mean maybe it has to do with the really bad effect they use to show what Edward looks like in the sunlight but I really doubt it.

Ok this is just fucking pathetic:

Just in case some tweeny fucking vampire wannabe goes fucking crazy and tries to suck your blood.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

300+ Word Reviews: Milk


I first learned about Harvey Milk from the political speaker/activist Jello Biafra, he mentioned Milk when he was talking about running mayor for San Francisco. Intrigued by the name alone I checked out what Wikipedia had on Harvey Milk and I was amazed by what I learned. Then a few weeks later I was checking out movie related blogs and came across the trailer for “Milk” and instantly I knew that this was going to be one of the great movies of 2008.
So was it? Yes it was a great film about a truly great American leader. Sean Penn did an amazing job portraying Harvey Milk and the academy would be foolish not to nominate him for best actor. Also I was amazed at the performance of Emile Hirsch who could be the one to give Heath Ledger a run at best supporting actor. The thing about Hirsch’s performance to me that I took away from it was that in his character Cleve Jones I saw what I want to be as a young American wanting to make a difference in this country. That’s what “Milk” did for me it’s a very inspiring movie, Gus Van Sant did a great job and deserves at the very least a nomination for best director or best picture. Cinematography was great with the blending in the stock footage of San Francisco of the 1970’s and the actual film. In closing and on a more personal note I have to say that while I’m straight in my sexual orientation I was very disgusted that Prop 8 (Or should I say Prop H8te) passed. I think Harvey Milk said it best when he said that “You’ve got to give them hope.” Well that’s what I think “Milk” will do for the gay community as well for the rest of the American people that care about fighting for gay rights it will give them hope.

The trailer for Milk:

And a friend of mine showed me this and I thought I would share:

Friday, December 12, 2008

No Ticket!

Tonight I felt like Indiana Jones during that one scene where he throws the Nazi officer off of the zeppelin for not having a ticket. I felt like that cause I was doing ticket checking tonight at work.

Also if I was going on the 45 seconds of The Day The Earth Stood Still, I would have to say that it looks like a very dull movie. Aside from the fact that fucking Kathy Lee Bates plays the fucking secretary of defense in it. As I walked out of the movie theater it was playing in she announced this and I was like "No you're fucking Annie Wilkes!" sadly I couldn't say it in the theater because after all I was working.

Right now I'm watching Zombie Strippers. I'm sure I'll write a little review about it later on.

Also movie popcorn smothered in butter and white cheddar cheese with Grolsch= fucking awesome!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Mates Of State's "Re-Arrange Us"

Mates of State‘s "Re-Arrange Us"

I discovered Mates of State about four years ago when their “All Day EP” came out. I remember listening to that album all through out the dead of that winter. During the late night car rides to nowhere in particular with my friends. Now it’s 2008 and it sure felt like the dead of winter tonight. So I decided to write my first album review of Mates of State’s newest album “Re-Arrange Us”. The album opens with the track “Get Better” which is fitting in the case of Mates of State they only seem to “Get Better” with each new album. In my opinion with Mates of State there’s always been a certain kind of formula when it comes to their music and it’s been a working formula since their “All Day EP”. Whether it’s formula or breaking out of it a little bit I must say I enjoyed the use of a trumpet on the track “My Only Offer”. “The Re-Arranger” simply put equals a fucking classic Mates of State song. I do enjoy the Mates of State take on the ballad form but I was left wondering just what was the “Blue and Gold Print” that they were singing of? “Great Dane” is a “Great Song” with a “Great Sound” to it. In closing I “Re-Arrange Us” is a great album and the upbeat, catchy synthesizer dreams of Mates of State continue in this dead of winter.

Re-Arrange Us

And this is my all time favorite Mates of State's song:

Goods - Mates of State

Monday, December 8, 2008

Those Russians know how to write

Tonight I worked at my other part time job which is at a little independent book store called Booksmith. It was a fairly slow night tonight and the boss left me up front at the register to hold down the fort. Before that I had been straightening things up and in our "Classics" section I saw the following book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" By Aleksandr Slozhenitsyn which I had read about when I was browsing through the book "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". It sounded like any interesting read so I grabbed that and took it up to the register to sit down and read. This is not an review because I only got about 30 pages into it but I have to say I was very impressed. Slozhenitsyn defiantly knows how to write a good book. The fact that this book is set in just one day and how he makes such trivial things such as taking the final drag of a cigarette had me amazed and made me wishing that I could write like that. I would have purchased the book when I went home this evening but I'm kinda tight on money which I'm only really using for food and gas right now. All in all it was refreshing to me to read something so enjoyable by someone other then say Charles Bukowski, Richard Brautigan or The Beatniks who I've read a lot of. If I have $5 to spare from my next paycheck I'm defiantly picking up the book up. So look for my first book review in maybe a week or so.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

300+ Word Reviews: Changeling


Tonight I went out not sure what I was going to see movie wise. On my way to the movie theater I decided I would see if “Twilight” would live up to all the hype it’s been getting from vampire tweens and adults alike, or so I thought. Arriving at the theater I got a pleasant surprise in that “Changeling” was still playing although it hadn’t been listed on It was starting in 5 minutes and it took me less then 5 seconds to drive a stake through the heart of seeing “Twilight”. 2 and half hours later I was so glad for my good luck in getting to see “Changeling” in the theater. If this was simply just a three word review it would be: I loved it!!! The key thing that I think made this movie so great for me was the fact that this story really happened. Watching Angelina Jolie’s portrayal as Christine Collins was truly spelling binding for me. As were John Malkovich, Jim Donovan and Michael Kelly in their supporting roles. I sat there in the theater thinking how great this movie was, and I kept having to remind myself that everything Jolie’s character went through really happened. I also got to thinking about how the media plays a part in things and how stories become twisted due to corruption in the offices of the places we hold to be just and true, a key element in this movie. The cinematography was amazing defiantly in my opinion an academy award nomination is order in for it’s take on 1920’s and 1930’s Los Angeles. As for director Clint Eastwood the academy would be very foolish not to consider “Changeling” for best director and best picture. It’s a rare thing for me to enjoy a film so much that I give a film so much that I give it 10 out of 10 stars (surprisingly I enjoyed this more then Dark Knight but that’s another review/blog entry). I left the theater feeling that this was a story I’d like to know more about and I plan on doing some googling and checking out what Wikipedia has to offer. So in closing if it’s still playing in your town/city don’t buy into the so called “Twilight” hype and see “Changeling”. And remember that this really happened.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Musical fragments

I really am so lonesome I could cry Johnny Cash!

The singer for "Daycare Swindlers" sounds a little bit like Jack Black.

I can't believe that "Heartbeats" by The Knife is my #1 played song on my profile.

5 seconds into Tom Waits "Kentucky Avenue" and I already fucking love it. Another song to add to my all time faves!

Man some great fucking tunes tonight! Charles Mingus' Tijuana Gift Shop on the winamp now!

Seriously though Tijuana Gift shop should be the theme music to a 70's sitcom. Or a new sitcom called Obama and son I mean daughters!


Elsa Dax: haha well thats cool. its always fun to discover someone new you can really get into
CrazyJustin1804: Or destroy wait what lol

System of a Down is my fucking sweet revenge! Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

The Magnetics Fields have a girl in their band too????!!!!???

WOOOOOOO New fucking Slang by The Shins!!!

Fragmentary thoughts are done for this evening! Morning?

200+ Word Reviews: Chinatown


After watching “Chinatown” I was surprised to find out that it was higher on’s top 250 films list (Yes I actually pay attention to that list being a movie nerd) then my favorite film noir movie “The Maltese Falcon". I saw some “Spades” of Bogart in Nicholson’s Jake Gittis, but there’s only one Bogart and I suppose there’s only one Nicholson. At first I found my self thinking that this film was very much overrated due to the fact that I didn’t feel fully engaged during most of it. By the end of it though, and as I’ve said I started to feel like I could very well have been watching a Bogart flick. The famous or maybe infamous “nose” scene regardless of my opinion of the film is defiantly one of those great moments in cinema history. It also got me thinking if that had not been Jake Gittis and instead was Sam Spade, how would he have handled the situation? One thing I did find very much engaging was the musical score, I’ve always had a thing for trumpets and Chinatown’s musical score had it’s share of trumpets. One thing I found interesting in the movie trivia/nerd sense was Jake using the phrase “How do you like them apples?” Gee what movie also used that phrase? All in all Chinatown is a decent movie but in my opinion it’s defiantly not the stuff dreams are made of, huh?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett

Well this one I was pleasantly surprised about. When I first saw the trailer for “Charlie Bartlett” I first kind of ignorantly thought “Oh wow gee look it this generation’s version of "Ferris Buller’s Day Off”. Well I was pretty much wrong on that aspect but I still saw a little bit of Ferris Buller in Charlie Bartlett and later on I realized there’s a little bit of Max Fischer from “Rushmore” as well. What I got from the movie was a breath of fresh air from the teen movie genre. Also great acting from Anton Yelchin who played Charlie Bartlett, an actor I plan on keeping my eye out for in future movies. Robert Downey Jr. I enjoyed as the semi villainous principal (No I didn’t think of Ed Rooney from Ferris Buller’s Day Off) and father of Charlie Bartlett’s girlfriend (Great performance from Kat Dennings). In closing I have to say personally I could have used someone like Charlie Bartlett as a friend in high school. So if you’re dealing with the trials, troubles, and fucked up world of high school, or you want a fresh take on the teen/high school movie defiantly check out “Charlie Bartlett“. Because sometimes we just want someone to talk to and Charlie Bartlett is the one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York

I suppose only truly great filmmakers don’t make bad movies. Which leads me to believe that Charlie Kaufman will never truly be considered a great filmmaker. His directorial debut "Synecdoche, New York" is far from great. To be totally honest I don’t think their was any real sort of plot to this movie. It all came off like a dream, to use a some what bad clich├ęd description. All I could really gather from it was that Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character was trying to run a play that takes place on a life size version of New York City (or maybe a block of New York City). Other then that I was literally wondering what the hell was going on and just who all these people in the film were. I mean there’s the death of Hoffman’s parents (in the film obviously) and I said out loud in the theater “Who the hell was he/she?” Don’t get me wrong I like to think about a movie (Hell I’m still trying to figure out most of David Lynch’s movies to this day). But sometimes I really wish that filmmakers (especially ones that I enjoy personally). Would do away with the bullshit metaphors/philosophy and just say what they really mean and/or have a fucking plot. I mean seriously what the fuck was that “living in a house that’s on fire” really about? That and about a hundred other things that left me wondering. So in closing unless you really like a totally art house style movie with no plot what so ever (and that’s just my opinion), don’t see “Synecdoche, New York” Stick with "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind" or "Being John Malkovich", which are truly great Charlie Kaufman movies.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Falling into my job

I think I'm going to like working at the movies.

I was a little worried about it on Sunday because of having to remember all the price differences for up selling popcorn and soda but I figure I'll be okay once I fall into a routine and then I can just keep saying that to each customer I get.

Tonight it was very slow and I worked with Ryan on learning how to sell tickets and had the basics down after like 3 customers and then it was just kind of awkward with him still standing over my shoulder watching me. But he's a good guy and I think we'll get along well because I think he gets my sense of humor and that's a key thing about me feeling comfortable around people, is if they get my sense of humor.

I had a little moment today when I was doing theater checks tonight. I was checking the theater that the new Vince Vaughn movie Four Christmases was playing in and as I was making my way out I stood near the entrance of the theater and stood there taking in like a minute or two of the movie and even though I could give two shits about it (Vince Vaughn is a pretty overrated actor in my opinion and he falls into that "same god damn role" category in almost everything he's in) I thought to my self "Wow this could be the start of a really good job".

Getting to take home a small bag of movie popcorn with extra extra butter added to that thought a lot to.

Tomorrow I have class from 11-12 then I'm going to see Charlie Kaufman's first movie that he's directed Synecdoche, New York with Philip Seymour Hoffman. The trailer to it looks very interesting and I enjoyed Being John Malkovich, and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (Both written by Kaufman). I was pleased to find out that the other theater near my house (where this one is playing) which caters more to the art house/indie film scene is a Regal theater so I'll be able to see movies there for free.

Also have movies coming from Netflix, so more then likely I'll have a couple of 100 to 200+ Word Reviews coming in the next couple days.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Congratulations Simeon Moses! You are the Douche-bag...I mean The Pickup Artist!

Seriously fuck Barrack Obama this guy is the true inspiration story of 2008.

I'd write more but I have to go vomit from my total disgust of this bullshit show known as The Pickup Artist.

100+ Word Reviews: Return of The Jedi

Return of The Jedi

Not to get into the whole “Clerks” which movie was better argument here, but I always liked “Return of The Jedi” better then “Empire Strikes Back”. The reason I love “Jedi” is that within this film you get everything that you saw in the first two within one movie. The amazing opening act at Jabba’s palace and the skiff battle. Luke becoming a Jedi master on Degobah. Then the amazing third act. Luke and Vader’s final battle, the battle on Endor with Han, Leia, Chewie, and the Ewoks against the storm troopers. And of course in my opinion the greatest space battle of the Star Wars saga. I remember when I was a little kid, watching that space battle and how I was amazed by it. That was one of the first great movie experiences for me as a movie lover. “Return of the Jedi” is everything you could ever want in a Star Wars movie, but beyond that everything you could want in a truly great movie.

100+ Word Reviews: Fight Club

Fight Club

When David Fincher made the amazing film that was “Seven” you had to wonder, just how was he going to top it? I’ll tell you how he topped it, he made a fucking amazing film called “Fight Club”. Fight club is a movie I feel you can watch once every few years (which I had not done before writing this review) and it only remains fucking amazing. It truly is a movie I feel will go on to gain a new generation of movie viewers every decade or so. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt= Amazing acting, Helen Bonham Carter= Amazing supporting acting, hell even Jared “Blondie” Leto and Meat “Bitch Tits” Loaf= Amazing small role acting. And beyond the acting you have the amazing cinema photography a trademark in Fincher films. All in all this is a fucking amazing movie indeed, and it’s getting better one minute at a time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bob, Bob had bitch tits!

I almost bought the current issue of GQ magazine today. Obama is their "Man of The Year".

While driving home I thought about getting a subscription to GQ and while I was thinking about that Fight Club popped into my mind and I made the decision then to watch it when I got home.

I took my Respidone to keep my random thoughts down to a minimum .

I discovered a new band/musician tonight as well: Ill Kill Her - Soko
I like her vocal style a lot!