Thursday, December 18, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Girl Talk's Feed The Animals

Girl Talk’s Feed The Animals


Mashup has a few of definitions:

(1) To be stoned or drunk
(2) To look raggedy or beaten-up in appearance
(3) A mix of different music tracks to produce a new track

Love him or hate him DJ Girl Talk defiantly knows how to mashup songs. The first time I heard Girl Talk was at a party with friends. I was buzzed pretty good (music always seems 100x more epic drunk) and Girl Talk’s “Night Ripper” came on and I swear that I had never heard anything like it before. I had heard remixes but Girl Talk was the first time I had heard a mashup. Once I heard Notorious B.I.G. mashed up with Elton John I can honestly say that my mind was blown. With “Night Ripper” I enjoyed the first fifteen minutes or so and then the rest of it just sounded like the typical mashups you hear in clubs (Then again I could be wrong cause I don’t go to clubs).
With “Feed The Animals” Girl Talk has crafted a truly mashed up album of genius. You listen to the album as it goes all over the spectrum of pop music and hip-hop old school and new school songs alike. I would say what tracks I like the most but it’s my opinion that you have to listen to “Feed The Animals” as a whole album whether you’re just sitting in your room chilling or getting crunk at a party with friends. The appeal of Girl Talk is that if you listen to a wide range of music then you can probably appreciate the genius ways that Girl Talk mashes up one song with several other songs. I mean seriously Flo Rida mashed up with The Velvet Underground or Jay-Z mashed up with Radiohead? Genius simply genius.

Girltalk- Feed The Animals

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