Sunday, November 30, 2008

100+ Word Reviews: Fight Club

Fight Club

When David Fincher made the amazing film that was “Seven” you had to wonder, just how was he going to top it? I’ll tell you how he topped it, he made a fucking amazing film called “Fight Club”. Fight club is a movie I feel you can watch once every few years (which I had not done before writing this review) and it only remains fucking amazing. It truly is a movie I feel will go on to gain a new generation of movie viewers every decade or so. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt= Amazing acting, Helen Bonham Carter= Amazing supporting acting, hell even Jared “Blondie” Leto and Meat “Bitch Tits” Loaf= Amazing small role acting. And beyond the acting you have the amazing cinema photography a trademark in Fincher films. All in all this is a fucking amazing movie indeed, and it’s getting better one minute at a time.

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