Sunday, December 21, 2008

100+ Word Reviews: Charles Bukowski at Bellevue

Charles Bukowski at Bellevue

What was once lost was found and true Bukowski fans can be thankful. Shot in 1970 we see a middle aged Bukowski at the beginning of what would be a great career. The poems read here are classic Bukowski and most of them I had not read myself. The quality of the film is very much raw but that’s a good thing for this had been only Bukowski’s fourth reading and as he says during this reading he’s still very much raw at the whole poetry reading business. It’s a truly remarkable thing to see where the great poets began and this one is a great treasure. As I sat in my room on this snowy December morning I was taken in by the voice of Bukowksi. I laughed at all the right places and if it had been 1970 and I had been there that evening I would have left that poetry reading feeling that I had discovered a great poet.

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