Friday, December 5, 2008

Musical fragments

I really am so lonesome I could cry Johnny Cash!

The singer for "Daycare Swindlers" sounds a little bit like Jack Black.

I can't believe that "Heartbeats" by The Knife is my #1 played song on my profile.

5 seconds into Tom Waits "Kentucky Avenue" and I already fucking love it. Another song to add to my all time faves!

Man some great fucking tunes tonight! Charles Mingus' Tijuana Gift Shop on the winamp now!

Seriously though Tijuana Gift shop should be the theme music to a 70's sitcom. Or a new sitcom called Obama and son I mean daughters!


Elsa Dax: haha well thats cool. its always fun to discover someone new you can really get into
CrazyJustin1804: Or destroy wait what lol

System of a Down is my fucking sweet revenge! Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

The Magnetics Fields have a girl in their band too????!!!!???

WOOOOOOO New fucking Slang by The Shins!!!

Fragmentary thoughts are done for this evening! Morning?

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