Friday, December 5, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Chinatown


After watching “Chinatown” I was surprised to find out that it was higher on’s top 250 films list (Yes I actually pay attention to that list being a movie nerd) then my favorite film noir movie “The Maltese Falcon". I saw some “Spades” of Bogart in Nicholson’s Jake Gittis, but there’s only one Bogart and I suppose there’s only one Nicholson. At first I found my self thinking that this film was very much overrated due to the fact that I didn’t feel fully engaged during most of it. By the end of it though, and as I’ve said I started to feel like I could very well have been watching a Bogart flick. The famous or maybe infamous “nose” scene regardless of my opinion of the film is defiantly one of those great moments in cinema history. It also got me thinking if that had not been Jake Gittis and instead was Sam Spade, how would he have handled the situation? One thing I did find very much engaging was the musical score, I’ve always had a thing for trumpets and Chinatown’s musical score had it’s share of trumpets. One thing I found interesting in the movie trivia/nerd sense was Jake using the phrase “How do you like them apples?” Gee what movie also used that phrase? All in all Chinatown is a decent movie but in my opinion it’s defiantly not the stuff dreams are made of, huh?

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