Thursday, December 18, 2008

300+ Word Reviews: Wall-E


Finally got around to seeing “Wall-E.” Going into it I kind of ignorantly expected a Disney/Pixar take on the “Short Circuit” movies. Well I was greatly mistaken and what I got out of “Wall-E” was another great and refreshing animated film from Disney/Pixar. They defiantly have come a long way since the first Toy Story movie. To make this review short simple and to the point all I have to say is if you want to see a Charlie Chaplin like movie with a robotic sci-fi twist then see “Wall-E.” Also due to the amazing out of this century (I say that because the movie takes place about 700 years in the future but still on Earth) computer animation. This is another film that I’m defiantly looking forward to watching on HD-TV someday.
As for the talk of “Wall-E” winning best picture at the Academy Awards, here’s my opinion on it. “Wall-E” is a great movie with a great story and I felt very much invested in it till the very end. That alone in my opinion is a good enough reason to at the very least nominate it for best picture. In all honesty it’s been a pretty slim year for me on great movies released this year. So if “Wall-E” won best picture I would have no problem with that. History however has taught us that animated films don’t win best picture they win best “animated” picture and no matter what ultimately happens with “Wall-E” it would defiantly win best “animated” picture hands down. But I think that much like Chaplin’s little tramp a character that really pulls at your heart strings I feel that “Wall-E” could very well pull at the heart strings of the academy and we could see history made at the Academy Awards this year.

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