Monday, December 1, 2008

Falling into my job

I think I'm going to like working at the movies.

I was a little worried about it on Sunday because of having to remember all the price differences for up selling popcorn and soda but I figure I'll be okay once I fall into a routine and then I can just keep saying that to each customer I get.

Tonight it was very slow and I worked with Ryan on learning how to sell tickets and had the basics down after like 3 customers and then it was just kind of awkward with him still standing over my shoulder watching me. But he's a good guy and I think we'll get along well because I think he gets my sense of humor and that's a key thing about me feeling comfortable around people, is if they get my sense of humor.

I had a little moment today when I was doing theater checks tonight. I was checking the theater that the new Vince Vaughn movie Four Christmases was playing in and as I was making my way out I stood near the entrance of the theater and stood there taking in like a minute or two of the movie and even though I could give two shits about it (Vince Vaughn is a pretty overrated actor in my opinion and he falls into that "same god damn role" category in almost everything he's in) I thought to my self "Wow this could be the start of a really good job".

Getting to take home a small bag of movie popcorn with extra extra butter added to that thought a lot to.

Tomorrow I have class from 11-12 then I'm going to see Charlie Kaufman's first movie that he's directed Synecdoche, New York with Philip Seymour Hoffman. The trailer to it looks very interesting and I enjoyed Being John Malkovich, and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (Both written by Kaufman). I was pleased to find out that the other theater near my house (where this one is playing) which caters more to the art house/indie film scene is a Regal theater so I'll be able to see movies there for free.

Also have movies coming from Netflix, so more then likely I'll have a couple of 100 to 200+ Word Reviews coming in the next couple days.

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