Sunday, December 14, 2008

300+ Word Reviews: Milk


I first learned about Harvey Milk from the political speaker/activist Jello Biafra, he mentioned Milk when he was talking about running mayor for San Francisco. Intrigued by the name alone I checked out what Wikipedia had on Harvey Milk and I was amazed by what I learned. Then a few weeks later I was checking out movie related blogs and came across the trailer for “Milk” and instantly I knew that this was going to be one of the great movies of 2008.
So was it? Yes it was a great film about a truly great American leader. Sean Penn did an amazing job portraying Harvey Milk and the academy would be foolish not to nominate him for best actor. Also I was amazed at the performance of Emile Hirsch who could be the one to give Heath Ledger a run at best supporting actor. The thing about Hirsch’s performance to me that I took away from it was that in his character Cleve Jones I saw what I want to be as a young American wanting to make a difference in this country. That’s what “Milk” did for me it’s a very inspiring movie, Gus Van Sant did a great job and deserves at the very least a nomination for best director or best picture. Cinematography was great with the blending in the stock footage of San Francisco of the 1970’s and the actual film. In closing and on a more personal note I have to say that while I’m straight in my sexual orientation I was very disgusted that Prop 8 (Or should I say Prop H8te) passed. I think Harvey Milk said it best when he said that “You’ve got to give them hope.” Well that’s what I think “Milk” will do for the gay community as well for the rest of the American people that care about fighting for gay rights it will give them hope.

The trailer for Milk:

And a friend of mine showed me this and I thought I would share:

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