Sunday, December 28, 2008

100+ Word Reviews: Tetley's English Ale

Tetley’s English Ale

These days I’ve very much slowed down with my drinking, but being the adventurous type I’m still trying new beers. Tonight I stopped by the local package store and after pondering on what to buy I decided on “Tetley’s English Ale”. It was a wise choice because it’s a great ale. Hands down Guinness is currently my all time favorite beer and if you’ve had Guinness you know how bitter it is and that in my opinion is one of the key things on if a person ends up liking Guinness or not. With Tetley’s you get only the slight bit of bitterness and a very smooth tasting ale that goes down very easy and doesn’t have that heaviness that Guinness has. To quote Tony Soprano when he was talking to his son A.J. about drinking champagne “You’ve got to savor it…” Well the same can be said about Tetley’s English Ale.

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