Thursday, December 11, 2008

200+ Word Reviews: Mates Of State's "Re-Arrange Us"

Mates of State‘s "Re-Arrange Us"

I discovered Mates of State about four years ago when their “All Day EP” came out. I remember listening to that album all through out the dead of that winter. During the late night car rides to nowhere in particular with my friends. Now it’s 2008 and it sure felt like the dead of winter tonight. So I decided to write my first album review of Mates of State’s newest album “Re-Arrange Us”. The album opens with the track “Get Better” which is fitting in the case of Mates of State they only seem to “Get Better” with each new album. In my opinion with Mates of State there’s always been a certain kind of formula when it comes to their music and it’s been a working formula since their “All Day EP”. Whether it’s formula or breaking out of it a little bit I must say I enjoyed the use of a trumpet on the track “My Only Offer”. “The Re-Arranger” simply put equals a fucking classic Mates of State song. I do enjoy the Mates of State take on the ballad form but I was left wondering just what was the “Blue and Gold Print” that they were singing of? “Great Dane” is a “Great Song” with a “Great Sound” to it. In closing I “Re-Arrange Us” is a great album and the upbeat, catchy synthesizer dreams of Mates of State continue in this dead of winter.

Re-Arrange Us

And this is my all time favorite Mates of State's song:

Goods - Mates of State

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