Sunday, November 30, 2008


Congratulations Simeon Moses! You are the Douche-bag...I mean The Pickup Artist!

Seriously fuck Barrack Obama this guy is the true inspiration story of 2008.

I'd write more but I have to go vomit from my total disgust of this bullshit show known as The Pickup Artist.

100+ Word Reviews: Return of The Jedi

Return of The Jedi

Not to get into the whole “Clerks” which movie was better argument here, but I always liked “Return of The Jedi” better then “Empire Strikes Back”. The reason I love “Jedi” is that within this film you get everything that you saw in the first two within one movie. The amazing opening act at Jabba’s palace and the skiff battle. Luke becoming a Jedi master on Degobah. Then the amazing third act. Luke and Vader’s final battle, the battle on Endor with Han, Leia, Chewie, and the Ewoks against the storm troopers. And of course in my opinion the greatest space battle of the Star Wars saga. I remember when I was a little kid, watching that space battle and how I was amazed by it. That was one of the first great movie experiences for me as a movie lover. “Return of the Jedi” is everything you could ever want in a Star Wars movie, but beyond that everything you could want in a truly great movie.

100+ Word Reviews: Fight Club

Fight Club

When David Fincher made the amazing film that was “Seven” you had to wonder, just how was he going to top it? I’ll tell you how he topped it, he made a fucking amazing film called “Fight Club”. Fight club is a movie I feel you can watch once every few years (which I had not done before writing this review) and it only remains fucking amazing. It truly is a movie I feel will go on to gain a new generation of movie viewers every decade or so. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt= Amazing acting, Helen Bonham Carter= Amazing supporting acting, hell even Jared “Blondie” Leto and Meat “Bitch Tits” Loaf= Amazing small role acting. And beyond the acting you have the amazing cinema photography a trademark in Fincher films. All in all this is a fucking amazing movie indeed, and it’s getting better one minute at a time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bob, Bob had bitch tits!

I almost bought the current issue of GQ magazine today. Obama is their "Man of The Year".

While driving home I thought about getting a subscription to GQ and while I was thinking about that Fight Club popped into my mind and I made the decision then to watch it when I got home.

I took my Respidone to keep my random thoughts down to a minimum .

I discovered a new band/musician tonight as well: Ill Kill Her - Soko
I like her vocal style a lot!